Blogging Magic

Blogging is a magic carpet ride. Truly. Especially if you create and build your own blog. Having one can take you so many wonderful places. With so many blogs out there, (some estimate 26 million blogs exist), why blog?  Better question, why not? It’s fun, helps create more brain cells (ok, I made that up, but I’m sure it keeps your mind sharp), and keeps you in the social flow (seems everyone under 40 uses Twitter, Picasa for photos, blogs, Skypes, or has her own website – if you’re over 40, you need to speak their language).

So where do you start? Jump in with or Blogger on Google. Or look at various blogs. What’s their focus? Do they appeal to you visually? Are they well-written? (Good writing makes your blog worth reading).

A few of the many smart, funny, engaging blogs to check out:

  1. get in the hot spot (blogging for fun and profit)
  2. copyblogger (on how to blog better)
  3. a peine for your thoughts (a funny 20-something blog)
  4. this provencal life (running a B&B in Provence)
  5. slow love life (one of my favorites, from Dominique Browning)

I began to immerse myself in blogging ten years ago. It’s been a steady learning curve on various technologies; one thing leads to another.  Currently, I have two blogs (personal and work), use twitter (not obsessively), got a Skype account, and built a portfolio website that’s heavy on the graphics. All self-taught. Much to my surprise, I really enjoy the website and graphics work; true, it takes some tech know-how to make things look good but it’s fun to get the result you’re looking for on your own and be able to tweak it as you want later. It pays off because I feel comfortable using various technologies and have developed confidence learning them. I can speak the “language” enough to enjoy the conversation with anyone using these various tech platforms.

Unlike years ago, learning the technology doesn’t have to be complicated. For instance, WordPress for a blog or Picasa for pictures is quite user-friendly. Good places to start building your confidence.

So take the leap, if you haven’t already. Start a blog. If you give it some attention, add strong visuals, write with care and regularly, you’ll find yourself on that magic carpet going places you hadn’t imagined.

If you’ve already gotten involved, go deeper. Persistence counts. New features and elements come out regularly. You will quickly develop a 21st century skill set. Have fun with it so you’ll be encouraged to learn more and stick with it.

Let me know how your adventure turns out!

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One Response to Blogging Magic

  1. Betsy Werley says:

    Great post, Cynthia! Thanks for inspiring those of us on the sidelines to jump in and learn! You're a wonderful role model for all of us in The Transition Network.

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